Farmer Velayutham

interview with pelanthoppu velayutham farmer

Pelanthoppu: Velayutham (75) is doing farming around 55 years at Pelanthoppu village, which is located in Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu state.

He sounds like a progressive and savvy farmer who has improved himself lot far beyond the grinding poverty of his ancestors, all of whom were farmers.

When he was 19 his father passed away. Then he faced lot of troubles in addition to lagging source of water. After his sincere hard work and support of his family he was able to sort out the troubles.

Let us have a small Interview with him…..

How long have you been farming?

Velayutham: Farming is my family trade. I have been farming since my childhood. In my father’s day’s he grew cotton, ground nuts etc. He also kept bullocks. He practiced traditional farming methods and resulted in poverty. Hence I decided to learn about modern farming

How much land do you farm and what do you farm?

Velayutham: My father left only 5 hectares. After my sincere hard work I made it nearly 45 acres. I also grow Banana, Sugarcane, Raggi, Groundnuts, Vegetables and Cashew nuts. By using pure organic methods I gained excellent yield.

What difficulties did you face while farming?

Velayutham: In olden days most of the people were dependent on farming. Since most of the farmers were from poor background, they found it very difficult to invest lot for an yield.

The main problem we face is the irrigation facilities present today that currently do not cover the entire cultivable land. In fact most of the agricultural fields do not have irrigation facility.

Also the government scheme’s usually does not reach the rural areas. Government should educate the farmer by conducting awareness programs more frequently. Less or no awareness camps is the reason why farmers are not adequately aware of the various schemes provided by the government.

Are you willing to convey any messages to the Public?

Velayutham: My sincere request to the Government is to think about the economic condition of the farmers. Without a good yield a, farmer cannot survive. Also please do not listen to all the stories about farmer’s suicides. Everyone should support farmers. Agriculture is considered as the backbone of our Country. I hope upcoming generation should develop our traditional farming methods combined with modern farming.

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